A Taste of Heaven

A Taste of Heaven

Kudo Society Café’s Temple of Heaven Green Tea gave me the chance to rekindle my love for green tea.

I was so busy with my graduate school activities like preparing for several presentations, attending national and international academic colloquium, and writing the first three chapters of my dissertation. Along the way, I want something for my body and soul.

Hence, I decided to treat myself and ordered 16 oz. of Temple of Heaven Green Tea. Well, it answered my longing and my prayer.

I still remembered how jubilant I was when I got that gold medal when I reached the 9th station of the Great Wall of China. I guess I had the same feeling of happiness when I received my order from Kudo Society Café.

I’d like to give my kudos to the people behind that cafe for the chance to experience another product of China- Temple of Heaven Green Tea. Good thing that its freshness is not compromised.

It’s sweet, clean taste can awakens all my senses. Every sip is smooth and velvety, and acts like a super boost. Its excellent flavor and finish are worth my money.

Temple of Heaven Green Tea must be the best green tea ever. My love for green tea has just been leveled up. Well, I guess not only because its name implies it, but because of its unique fragrance. That’s an irresistible aroma! Perhaps, next time you can visit this Café at 138 W Central Blvd, Palisades Park, NJ 07650.

Usually I drink my green tea without any food, but I tried it with my favorite sweet and sour pork just for an experimentation. Well, I thought Temple of Heaven Green Tea’s delightful, rich, delicate, sweet floral essence would be lost. I was glad a taste of heaven in a cup is still there!

If you haven’t tried your first green tea yet, then Kudo Society Café awaits you for your first taste of Temple of Heaven Green Tea. Don’t hesitate to call 201 – 242 – 0001  or send an email at info@kudosociety.com

You may order your first taste of heaven here: https://kudosociety.com/product/temple-of-heaven-green-tea/


Graduate school may not be that easy, but one cup of a taste of heaven can do the trick to make schooling more tolerable. Indeed, every cup of tea makes everything better!

Praying for a taste of heaven?

Temple of Heaven Green Tea is the answer.

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