Behind Every Best Cup

Behind Every Best Cup

Ethiopia Sidamo Gorbicho Killa.

This is what’s behind every best tasting coffee.

You don’t have to ask Siri what’s behind every best cup.

Our neighborhood café, Kudo Society Café, located at 138 W Central Blvd, Palisades Park, NJ 07650 will tell you and will give you the chance to prove that there is always behind every best tasting coffee.

If you are a coffee enthusiast and would love to experience a hug in a mug as well, then we better have some coffee talk some time, or just order Ethiopia Sidamo Gorbicho Killa. Perhaps FaceTime or Skype could be more convenient to share our coffee experiences.

How does Ethiopia Sidamo Gorbicho Killa give you its own distinctive way of giving you that hug you so deserve?

Yes, to taste is to prove.

So the best way to totally relish its flavor is to get and order some of it, then prove that there is a beautiful history behind, and every cup of it brings sweet memory.

How to enjoy your Ethiopia Sidamo Gorbicho Killa? This is what I did. First, I reveled its natural aroma, then had my first sip. One sip, and my mind was looking for that word to describe its taste. It was actually hard to tell at first, but my palate finally got it—blueberry. Second sip, then I ready myself to embrace its bold flavor. Next, I just delighted in its sweet complexity. The rest, like they say, is history.

So I don’t have to wonder any longer why it is ranked as one of the best coffee beans on earth.  But I need to remember that every best cup of coffee is where it comes from-Sidamo, Ethiopia.

Kudo Society Café would be pleased to welcome you to a world where a superb coffee experience is inevitable. Be ready to reminisce happy thoughts that even Dementors in Harry Potter will have no chance to suck life out of you because you simply feel loved.

You can even ask J.K. Rowling.

This is a guaranteed satisfaction that cannot be forgotten like my childhood memories. With this cup of coffee, I felt as if I was hugged by my childhood memories in the forest which served as my playground during my early years.

It’s not just what’s behind. It is now more of what’s in your cup.

Be proud and say it loud:

Ethiopia Sidamo Gorbicho Killa.

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