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Want to have your own “version” of Hollywood Walk of Fame without spending a single penny? What about you are just excited to meet people whose passion is specialty coffee? Then, it is the right time for you to try on your new shoes and visit Palisades Park in Bergen County, NJ. This place can transform you into a star with a twist. This place is very walkable since you can enjoy and visit its restaurants, bars and coffee shops, park, and enjoy lots of amenities. Of course, you want to get the best of every minute you spend in this Walker’s Paradise, so be ready to feel hot and cold!

I am definitely sure you want your adventure to level up and get even better. Then, loose leaf and bubble tea might come to mind. If that is a resounding yes, then let the walking, brewing, and sipping begin. Oh, did I mention what topping can bring you back your childhood memories especially during summer time? That’s right—Bingsoo is your passport! But before you can time travel, I want you to vividly imagine your favorite cup. I am sure you are ready to embrace Palisades Park’s Korean Food Walk of Fame experience. That’s the “version” I am talking about. Let me walk you through with that. No pun intended!


Do you want to sip a cup of some varieties of specialty coffee with nothing but the highest quality? Kudo Society Café can give you that. This is no ordinary coffee shop. You can ask this café’s roast master which award-winning coffee it complements your day: Signature “Kudo Select” House, Café Vienna, or Red Eye.

You must be enthusiastically seeking out for varieties of specialty coffee options. So, this is the right café for you. Yes, you heard it right: Even a café should be a place where superiority and dedication be served while it’s hot. It’s time to indulge your senses and be ready to meet other coffee lovers.

Ready to switch from coffee to tea? While watching your favorite series on Netflix, try and order Bubble tea. You want your tea with the best ingredients, fresh, and tastes great? Well, who doesn’t! Kudo Society Café’s highly recommended fruit-bubble tea smoothies are strawberry, peach, passion fruit, honeydew, lychee, and mango. If your choice is frap-based bubble tea, then taro, green tea or almond flavor can refresh you. You may try other flavors, but these are customers’ top choices, so these flavors can speak for themselves flavorful!

Every moment must be special, so be ready to enjoy and experience a gourmet loose leaf tea. Imagine having a rare experience of trying 100 different teas around the world? Kudo Society Café can serve you that as well. So whether you are doing your school-related tasks, preparing for your Prezi presentation, or having a tête-à-tête with your friend, just pick your favorite type of tea, then let the brewing begin!

What about desserts? Don’t worry anymore about your sweet-tooth craving. You can order a Korean shaved ice dessert, Bingsoo or Bingsu. Try your bingsoo with mango, or crush it with some chocolate sandwich cookies. Go make it towering. You may also choose another topping like lychee, oreo, or cheesecake. What about all? Your choice.

Scoop that dessert and be ready to be transported to your childhood years especially during summer time when excitement and happiness abound. Now you will understand why Olaf always love the idea of summer. Don’t let that feeling go!

Go and visit this downtown café located at 138 W Central Blvd, Palisades Park, NJ or our website www.kudosociety.com. And if you want to keep in touch with this awesome place, you can send an email at info@kudosociety.com or dial (201) 242-0001.

Kudos to your new adventure!

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