Who We Are

Born from the desire to deliver unequalled quality, KudoSociety was started with one thing and one thing in mind: Presenting nothing but the finest ingredients, processes and technology to our customers. There are more cafes around than we care to count, but none do what we do.

What We Do

Let's take the simplest example, a single cup of well prepared coffee, as an illustration of how we operate. While others may be content with serving a regular, decent tasting beverage, we went out of our way to choose the best roasters to roast only certified organic and fairly traded coffee. That's because it not only tastes good, but we want to ensure that everyone from growers to roasters received their fair wage to support their family. Our iced coffees use frozen coffee instead of ice cubes so you experience the truest flavor until the last drop. We discard coffee older than two hours because no one should pay for coffee that is not at its peak flavor.

Our Team

  • Jeff

  • Cherie