Mitesh J.
Clifton, NJ

I'm a bubble tea enthusiast, and I would travel miles to drink a refreshing cup of bubble tea. After a long hike at the Palisades, I looked up this cafe. There were high ratings, and I wanted to have a good experience. Upon entering the cafe, my friends and I were welcomed politely (PLUS POINT since not many shops do that). We scanned the menu for a couple of minutes, but could not make up our minds (EVERYTHING LOOKED SO GOOD). We asked the employees about the top 3 best selling bubble teas. The employee mentioned Taco (taro + coconut), Tiger's Teeth (black milk + Thai tea), and Unicorn (taro + Thai tea).

All my friends bought one, and we opted for 50% sugar. I chose the Taco (taro + coconut) bubble tea with tapioca bubbles in a slush form. The secret menu is phenomenal. I've visited numerous cafes all around the tri-state area and have never seen such combinations.

The taco bubble tea was excellent. Taro and coconut are a match made in heaven. It was super refreshing, the perfect hint of both flavors, and not too icy/slushy. I often buy a slush, and after a couple of sips, I only taste the ice, but that wasn't the case for this tea. The tapioca bubbles were fresh and had a quintessential chew. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CAFE. 11/10

Great customer service. Huge menu selection. Lively vibes.