Lizelle P.
New Milford, NJ

This is literally my favorite bubble tea spot in New Jersey. I probably come here almost every other day lol.

The vibe is super chill and so are the employees. They stay open late so if you're in the mood for late night boba, this is your spot!

They have a vast menu food food. I've only really had the salads (which I love btw) but everything else looks and sounds delicious.

My big thing is the bubble tea menu. I've tried everything on the secret bubble tea menu, with exception to the Snickers since I'm allergic to peanuts, and I love mostly all of them! My go-tos are the melon bar, the tigers teeth, and the unicorn. You can change the sugar levels and ice in your drink to your liking! I always get zero sugar, and the drinks still tastes delicious!

Definitely a must go spot!