What’s Your Cup Profile?

What’s Your Cup Profile?

Every cup of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is the best feeling ever.

Well, it’s about time to share that feeling to your fellow gourmet coffee lover.

Yes, I am talking about gift-giving. Let them smell that sweet aromatic coffee.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and one way to make this day extra-special is to let those nearest to your heart 10 or 16 oz of this best tasting coffee.

Every day is coffee day. Every day is an occasion. So it does not have to be a V-Day.

So here is one coffee wisdom for you: Try Kudo Society’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and discover how this world’s finest coffee can make you more grateful that the birthplace of coffee has given us a great quality coffee.

Here is my promise as a coffee enthusiast myself: One cup can turn an ordinary get-together into a floral, smooth and fabulous tone. A simple bonding with coffee is truly enjoyable.

No wonder that this coffee is one of the best coffees in the world. It’s consistent with its distinctively fruit flavor profile!

That’s how every coffee profile should be.

If an exquisite, and a subtle tone of tangerine and citrus taste is your cup profile, then we can be on the same cup journey. You will enjoy and appreciate its lemon, honey, and mild notes.

Now grab that phone, take a picture of your first cart order, and you may caption it like:  Drinking my first cup of Kudo Society’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and feeling like a cupper!

Here is how you can experience to be a cupper yourself: https://kudosociety.com/product/ethiopia-yirgacheffe/

I know it feels good to be like a cupper, doesn’t it? Well, you deserve that highest quality of an Arabica coffee! Let your day be as vibrant, floral, and robust as your cup profile. Indeed, one cup of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe always reminds me that I have to be more grateful. How about you?

Now, it’s time for you to call your contact and let them be the judge themselves. I am sure that a cup of this coffee will give them floral finish and sweet acidity.

It’s time to let Kudo Society Café hear your coffee profile. Visit it at 138 W Central Blvd, Palisades Park, NJ 07650.

If someone asks about your coffee profile, it’s time to let your friends to know that it’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

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