About us

We care about our customers. That’s why we carefully select only the finest quality ingredients and serve freshly out of the kitchen dishes. Come visit us and experience Kudo Society.


Who We Are

Born from the desire to deliver unequaled quality, KudoSociety was started with one thing and one thing in mind: Presenting nothing but the finest ingredients, processes, and technology to our customers. There are more cafes around than we care to count, but none do what we do.


What We Do

Let’s take the simplest example, a single cup of well-prepared coffee, as an illustration of how we operate. While others may be content with serving a regular, decent tasting beverage, we went out of our way to choose the best roasters to roast only certified organic and fairly traded coffee. That’s because it not only tastes good, but we want to ensure that everyone from growers to roasters received their fair wage to support their family. Our iced coffees use frozen coffee instead of ice cubes so you experience the truest flavor until the last drop. We discard coffee older than two hours because no one should pay for coffee that is not at its peak flavor.


Store Hours

7am - 11pm
7am - 12am
7am - 11pm

*Open 7 days a week


Our signature

Top it off with Schlog, the famous Peter Luger’s homemade whipped cream, indulgent Caramel, rich gourmet Chocolate, hazelnut cocoa Nutella!


A-LA-MODE Ice cream available in Green tea, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pistachio, and Mango flavors.

*Toppings additional charge


Our Special
Bubble Tea

  1. Pick your favorite flavor from  30+ flavors
  2. Pick your bubbles (Lychee Jelly / Tapioca Peals / Mango / Peach / Strawberry / Pop Boba)
  3. Make it Hot, Iced, or Frozen
  4. Enjoy!

Coffee & Tea

Check out our selection of award-winning coffee beans and the highest quality organic loose leaf teas from around the world.

Decaf “Maya Select SW”


Ethiopia “Sidamo Gorbicho Killa”


Ethiopia “Yirgacheffe”


Kudo Select Signature House Coffee


A Fruit Medley Fruit Tisane


Berry Blueberry Fruit Tisane


Chamomile Herbal Tisane


Cocoa Loco Tisane


We serve breakfast, lunch, weekend brunch special, and a lot more!

On the hunt for exquisite K-Euro fusion dishes and specially crafted cocktails?
Look no further than our sister location Kudo Society Lounge on Broad Ave, a sleek, modern restaurant with a full bar, private karaoke rooms, and a classy lounge area.
Visit for a deliciously extraordinary meal.
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